Vicálvaro Nursery Acceleration Program

Call for a new edition of the Vicálvaro incubator business acceleration program

We are made of a different material, not to say that we are somewhat masochistic, we like challenges, things go well for us.

We have a dream that moves us, our engine to launch ourselves into the unknown.

This undertaking is about vertigo, uncertainty, trial and error.

We know that there is no absolute map, nor a secret formula, that we are not gurus or shamans, that the important thing is to build our own path in good company.

A clear duality, it is possible to feel confused, lost and at the same time with the certainty that we have chosen the most complex but also the most amazing journey.

On this trip we are protagonists, we drive, we throw miles and whatever it takes

Shall we start?

What are you going to get?

Approach to knowledge and experts.

Demo Day with the presentation of the finalist Startups and entrepreneurs and recognition by the Madrid City Council.

Powerful network of contacts within the entrepreneurial ecosystem

We help you achieve your sustainable growth goals, foster connections, different financing channels and project development tools

Registration deadline

From 10/15/2023 to 01/20/2024

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