Transfer of companies

What does it consist of?

This is an initiative to promote success in the transfer processes of small and medium-sized companies through a online market that makes available to all interested and involved people, information, advice and management in order to enable the sale or purchase of small businesses or micro-enterprises.

The objective is to facilitate the continuity of viable companies that are in danger of disappearing due to problems other than economic ones. These can be, for example, problems such as generational change, illness, change of address, etc. For this reason, Madrid City Council is one of the entities adhering to the Business Transfer Support Plan.

The program is focused on making apparently traumatic situations viable, such as generational change, the search for new business opportunities, change of professional orientation or geographical mobility.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs and professionals who have the need or possibility of transmitting their business
  • Entrepreneurs and investors looking for new opportunities or business projects
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed businessmen or businesswomen who are evaluating the possibility of acquiring an existing business before starting a new business activity from scratch

What does it offer?

The plan offers different services with personalized attention both for the person interested in selling their business and for the purchase.

There are some  basic services free of charge, which are:

    • information and guidance on the process of buying or selling the business in an arranged and personalized meeting
    • publication of an announcement on the business transfer website once the advisor has supervised the proposal (sale/purchase)
    • facilitation of contacts between buyers and sellers who have been interested in the advertised business
    • Sending general information about business transfer processes


The Entrepreneur Unique Window  is the Point of Service (PDA) and offers the basic services to individuals or legal entities interested in the processes of buying and selling businesses in the municipality of Madrid.

Interested persons can request a first appointment at the PDA of the Madrid City Council through the application form or by calling 914 803 372.

Once the request has been received, within a maximum period of two business days, the VUE will contact the seller/buyer to arrange the day and time of the first meeting, in which precise information and advice on the requirements will be given, a document will be created and published. the buy/sell announcement on the platform Subsequently, if there is a positive response, contacts with potential buyers and sellers will be facilitated with sellers, advising and accompanying both parties. A private room may be available for meetings between the parties. It is convenient to remember that it is a free basic service, personalized and that it will require more than one appointment.

On the other hand, depending on the specific case, the transfer to an entity that provides complementary services will be advised, warning of the possible economic cost.

Application form

In addition, the Plan offers some complementary services that are not offered by all the adhered entities since they may entail an economic consideration, the Madrid City Council does not offer them.

    • preparation of the necessary documentation to activate the transmission process
    • active search for buyers and sellers by the business adviser
    • process management and negotiation with buyers and sellers
    • coordination of the process due diligence and advice until the closing of the transaction



The transfer of companies explained in 2 minutes

It is an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

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