Self-employed and electronically, the obligation to work together is already a reality


This Order establishes the obligation for self-employed workers to carry out their procedures electronically, including the receipt and signing of notifications from October 1, 2018.

Who is affected?

  • Self-employed or self-employed self-employed.
  • The workers of the Special System of Agricultural Workers (SETA).
  • The workers of group I of the Special Scheme for Sea Workers.

What obligations do I have as a freelancer?

The Ministerial Order establishes the obligation to manage electronically all procedures related to affiliation, contribution and collection of fees. Includes receipt, by appearance at SEDESS, of notifications and communications from the Social Security General Treasury.

From what moment is the obligation effective?

After the six-month transitional adaptation period established by the order, the obligation is effective as of the day October 1, 2018 for all self-employed workers who were registered in the affected schemes on that date.

No prior notification of the obligation has been made by post.

Where can I manage my procedures with the General Treasury of the Social Security?

The General Social Security Treasury (TGSS) has two electronic channels through which self-employed workers can carry out their procedures:

  • The RED System (Electronic Data Remission)
  • The Electronic Office of Social Security (SEDESS)

What do I need to be able to access the services at SEDESS?

To access SEDESS services, the self-employed must have an authentication system that guarantees their identity.

There are different authentication systems accepted in SEDESS that allow access to services. 

Should the self-employed worker be the only one who always accesses notifications?

No, the notifications will be sent to SEDESS and the RED system at the same time. If the self-employed worker has an authorization in RED, they can also access and sign the electronic notification.

The self-employed worker may also appoint a attorney for the purposes of receiving telematic notifications. All procedures related to powers of attorney are carried out in the Electronic Registration of Powers of Attorney of SEDESS.

So, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT communicate and update your contact information to receive notices of notifications from the General Treasury of the Social Security, for this, go to this link.

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