Coffee Break with Raúl del Pozo founder of Cink Emprende


Raul from the well is a founding member of Cink Undertakes, Entrepreneurship and innovation consultant. Founder of 3 spaces co-working in Madrid with more than 4,500 m2 where more than 200 companies are housed. Expert in open innovation with more than 15 years of experience advising large companies and Public Administrations in different programs and areas related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Active participant in conferences and seminars related to Corporate Venturing, financing of startup and innovation strategies. He has an MBI (Master in Business Innovation from Deusto University, MBA from IDE, Master Entrepreneurship from University  of  Cambridge Judge Business School.Design Thinking Program by Esade Business School and the Art Center College of Design CaliforniaHe is also an investor  from startup such as Parclick, Aplazame, JoinUp, Tabulae, Triari labs,  Relikua among others.

As the beginning of the day, the attending entrepreneurs shared, and in the format of elevator pitchWhat is your project about? They were able to leave their professional card so that, after finishing the session, they could carry out a networking and generate synergies between all of them more effectively.

Raul told us how his first company was dedicated to selling a software for the destruction of information on computer hard drives. This idea pivoted from the certification of data elimination for companies, through the purchase of the company by a multinational, to the present: "After observing the trend of the entrepreneur market, we realized that having spaces to develop your activity is crucial so we have opened three workspaces of co-working in Madrid".

In a practical way, he explained what for him are the key learnings, in terms of entrepreneurship, of all these years of professional career. These learnings can be summarized in the following maxims:

  • Run simple: it is complicated to carry out but we must have and adapt simple procedures and structures.
  • Use some OKR (Objectives Key Results) methodology that allows you to have the company's objectives and indicators with which to measure them. "It is a beacon that helps you to know what actions help us within the organization."
  • “Deciding is moving forward”: deciding is complicated, we are not sure of getting it right and decisions have to do with resources. You have to make processes that solve the day to day in a simple way.
  • Question yourself every day: we live in a very changing market, we must see with time, analyze and pivot to other products / services.
  • Be honest with yourself, you can't compete with Google.
  • People do not tell the truth, you have to test all the hypotheses before launching them on the market.
  • Slow cooking: “Things are very difficult to create and everything takes time. The processes, the development, the execution... cannot be controlled and we have to be patient”.
  • Study, learn, read: spend time regularly studying, "if you don't do it, you're out."
  • Listen>reflect>speak (what we do commercially is usually the other way around).
  • Social: you have to be socially intelligent, personal relationships are very important in business.
  • Generosity as a business model: “if you don't give away and don't share, many doors are closed to you”.

·        Once the exhibition was over, the attendees shared a coffee and a session of networking in the common area Moratalaz business incubator

The event was broadcast live on our Facebook page, you can check the video of the session.

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