Coffee Break with Thayza Juliana de Campos Melo, founder of Santa Mistura


Thayza began her career as an entrepreneur in one of the business incubators in the Madrid City Council network, in Puente de Vallecas. She tells us how much help it was for her in the beginning, having the support and resources of the nursery.

With a great exercise in self-criticism and frankness, which, as he tells us, took him two years to do, he explains how and due to the initial success of the project, -they achieved a huge volume of orders in a short time- she had significant management failures that led her to close her company, a project that was covering the objective of any entrepreneur, to sell.

One of his dreams, at the beginning of the project, was to be able to show his designs in Paris. His goal was to sell enough to be able to cover the expenses of going to the capital of France. He succeeded and the volume of orders was such that all his forecasts in the management area were insufficient.
The crisis that reigned in those years helped the company not be able to continue to take off, it led to the closure of small stores, customers of its products.
According to him, at that time he did not know how to manage the growth that Santa Mistura was experiencing.
He advises us to reinvent ourselves, to create a competitive and specialized team that does not make us 100% dependent on us, the entrepreneurs.
But as in other cases, he learned from "failure" and it has helped him to continue undertaking, trying not to make previous mistakes and look for new opportunities. "Don't be ashamed to start again" she tells us with the frankness that has characterized her during this meeting.
Thayza for 4 years has been dedicated to giving talks and training for women entrepreneurs, helping hundreds of women to develop both personally and professionally. It helps other entrepreneurs to communicate better, to improve brand management, to make customers see us as we are.
After her presentation, Thayza shared a coffee with the attendees enjoying a very pleasant time with everyone who attended this very interesting Coffee Break.
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