Coffee Break with Víctor Aguirre from SIVICAI Link Marketing


Despite his youth, Víctor Aguirre has a long professional career.
At 29, he has founded his third company, Sivicai, specialized in digital marketing. Sivicai has been running with good performance since mid-2017.

Víctor has been trained in marketing and has also been one of the promoters of the philosophy LeanStratUp, a methodology that presents the idea of a production that eliminates everything that is unnecessary or that generates superfluous expenses.

Due to his background, he decided to specialize in crowdfunding and new product validation trends.

In addition, Víctor is also a speaker at Pitchraiser, a business movement whose main objective is to help all those who want to undertake to lose their fear, to take risks and learn methods to be able to speak in public and express themselves comfortably and freely.

As an introduction, he briefly reviewed his professional career up to the point where he decided to found his own company, because he wanted to be his own boss and take risks doing what he liked best.

In his words, “Entrepreneurship basically means doing what you want at the time you want.
He has also advised attendees on the best way to be an entrepreneur, because “Undertaking is hard work, however you have to know how to disconnect on weekends to enjoy what you are doing.

He also spoke to us about a fundamental concept: the partner agreement. According to him, this is very important and it is better to associate with people with whom we have a good relationship, but preferably we should avoid doing it with our partner or family. In addition, it is important to limit the number of partners to be able to choose the lines of business quickly and easily.

He has also highlighted that it is advisable to distribute the company in percentages that are not exact, because this could discourage potential investors. He has also highlighted that in this "partners agreement" it is essential that each one choose the plot to which they want to dedicate themselves and nothing should never be left in the air, making communication between the different parties fluid at all times.

He has told us that this is very interesting since “To choose the lines of business in a faster and easier way, the number of partners will also have to be limited, always choosing the role that each one wants to play in the company.

In conclusion, he wanted to advise those present that “Before starting everything must be very clear between the partners and the best way is to leave everything in writing.

To end the day, the attendees shared a coffee and made networking in the common area of the nursery Saint Blaise.

If you were unable to attend, you can check the video of the session on our website. Facebook.
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