First Conference "We are deaf listen to us" for the visibility and improvement of accessibility for the deaf community


Antonio Jesús Vega Executive Director of Announcements in Sign Language winning company of the first edition of the MAD+ Awards He was in charge of presenting the conference "We are deaf listen to us" for the inclusion of deaf people in institutions and companies.

Concha Díaz de Villegas General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council inaugurated the conference stressing the commitment to inclusion and the actions to give visibility to the deaf community in the Madrid City Council with the initiative #madridemprendeconlasmanos

The improvement of accessibility for the deaf community is an initiative that comes directly from the Mayor of Madrid and which means that from Tuesday, April 3, any deaf person will be able to receive the integral support services for entrepreneurship that the Madrid City Council offers through the Entrepreneur Unique Window  and of the business incubators and communicate through sign language.

The turn of Pedro Jesús Vega president of the association of deaf people of Jerezand father of the founder of Comunicados, told us about his experience growing up deaf in a society where sign language was frowned upon, and the barriers he had to overcome as a child.

The next to speak was Daniel Gutiérrez from Hawk Travel, which gave us its vision as a private company of adapting various offices in Madrid, making them accessible for deaf people, which has made it possible not only to make its products accessible to this group, but also to create a new line of business for them.

Marta Martin from Movistar spoke to us about accessibility solutions within a large company, as well as adapted products and the commitment to advance in the fight to minimize communication barriers. The outstanding project of the company and which is in the implementation phase is the television 5S  that allows customers with visual or hearing disabilities to access Movistar+ films and series through 3 accessibility systems: sign language, audio description and adapted subtitles.

The next speaker was Juan Carlos Basilio from the Spanish Federation of Sports for the Deaf. In his speech he told us about the Law of Universal Accessibility, scope of application and applicable sanctions.

Irina Ribon, from Día a Día, told us about her experience in the workplace since she had a real-time interpreter with “Communiqués” and what having an interpreter has meant in her daily life.

Also the representatives of Huelva waters who told us about the process of adapting the support and contracting system for deaf people.

deaf talent: Chavi's show , a deaf actor presents his humorous monologue in sign language. Words are not needed for humor!

Francis, from the company Cappe and university professor, tells us about his entrepreneurial experience and his professional life while being deaf, emphasizing that we must disseminate and improve the accessibilityuniversal of all “capable” people.

To close this day, an interesting round table was held with deaf people and representatives of companies that are fighting to have universal accessibility in their products and services. Eduardo Palomino, of listen to us, He told us about his experience as a person with hearing loss who suffers hearing problems in a similar way to older people who lose their hearing. There were also representatives of Credit Agricole, Pernod Ricard, Tenyus and Announcements

This exchange of ideas has taught us many of the challenges that deaf people face in their personal and professional day-to-day life and the challenges of public and private companies to achieve full integration and accessibility.

The event could be followed through social networks with the hasgtags #escuchanosLSE and #madridemprendeconlasmanos.