Selected the finalist projects of the first edition of #Acelera Carabanchel and #AceleraVillaverde


The 20 finalists of the I Acceleration Program launched by the Madrid City Council, through the business incubators located in the districts of Villaverde and Carabanchel, under the names Accelerate Carabanchel and Accelerate Villaverde. Thanks to this program, it is intended to accompany and mentor the selected new business ideas, to promote their growth and market launch of their projects. Specifically in the Carabanchel nursery, the recruitment of projects has been focused on the world e-commerce, logistics and industry 4.0 while in Villaverde they have opted for the field of social impact and sustainable development.

This acceleration program is included within the extensive training program and activities for the support and promotion of entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council. All the finalists will have specialized training according to their needs and weaknesses, with personalized tutoring, advice from a wide panel of mentors, encounters of networking with potential clients and investors, in addition to being able to make use of the facilities of the nurseries. All this during a program that will last 4 months.

The selected projects will have the opportunity to present their idea to the various agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a Demo Day which will take place April 21 at the Villaverde business incubator and the 28 of the same month in the Carabanchel business incubator.

Finalists of the program #accelerateCarabanchel:

  • giftify; dedicated to intelligent gift recommendation.
  • Image; licensed software for innovative display and organization of all media content in any organization.
  • TrueqArt; Hybrid format between the physical and the virtual where the new VR and AR technologies are highlighted together with the circular economy to launch an ecosystem that helps emerging art.
  • Orama; software as a service for the control and management of cash flow.
  • 360 Talentum; employment channel that comprehensively resolves the selection process of companies in any sector.
  • Veleco Energy; technology to revalue organic waste from agricultural facilities, such as slurry or mowing remains.
  • Anip Solutions; Supply of customized micro/mini wind turbines that are committed to economic viability and maximum renewable energy production.
  • gyrus; Innovative service model that encourages the development of data engineering technical skills in the cloud.
  • Bast; brand of exclusive designed dresses.
  • The Food Please; platform to digitize the commercial channel of the food sector.

Finalists of the program #AceleratesVillaverde:

  • composer hits; digital platform through which a service for the sale and registration of musical intellectual property rights is offered.
  • Slowly_Maps; tourist guide app
  • birh; tool that helps SMEs to correctly manage staff data.
  • officecrm; technology consultant and unique provider of solutions, Cloud services and Infrastructure specialized in IT services.
  • Boreal Mist Studio; Video game that is based on the great classic turn-based role-playing games to generate a new adventure of fantasy, magic and a lot of emotion.
  • NOY_Not Only Yoga; Spanish brand of yoga and sustainable fashion that is governed by the "slow life, slow love, slow fashion".
  • I change my life; search engine for job offers/entrepreneurship in the hospitality and tourism sector
  • Sparker; application that allows, through geolocated messages on the map, to connect with the environment.
  • Ateneo Investments; startup designed to connect real estate buyers and sellers using a revolutionary method through a digital platform.
  • prevent comply; legal consulting oriented to advice and regulatory compliance for SMEs.

II edition of the Acceleration Program

After the great reception of this first call for acceleration in both nurseries, the II edition of the Acceleration Program for the presentation of projects. Projects and companies interested in participating in the Acelera Carabanchel and Acelera Villaverde programs must present their candidatures between the January 19 and February 28, 2022.

The second edition will take place between the months of January to June 2022. In the selection of projects, the viability of the business idea, degree of innovation and technological character will be taken into account, as well as the profile of the promoter team, the market potential and degree of scalability. As in the first acceleration program, all projects will have the support needed to get their projects off the ground through group and individual sessions following the same verticality in the selected profiles.

All the program information Second Edition Acceleration Program is available on the following websites:

Network of business incubators, spaces to undertake

These acceleration programs can be carried out thanks to the initiative of the Madrid City Council of the network of business incubators. This service joins all those offered in these spaces to the entire entrepreneurial community such as: advice, training, pre-incubation, spaces for co-working and offices. for all those startup, micro-SMEs or entrepreneurship projects looking for a space to grow and develop their idea with the best support and expert advice, business incubators can be your place.

For more information on the spaces for entrepreneurship available in the network of business incubators, visit the website