TUCAVI CAR, SYCAI TECHNOLOGIES and AITENEA BIOTECH win the Madrid Impacta 2020 award


The main objective of the IV edition of the Madrid City Council social entrepreneurship awards was to recognize impact projects in their phase prior to business creation and/or new lines of business or conversion processes, which provide real and viable solutions to the current health crisis caused by COVID-19, and that address the situations of social and economic vulnerability that this situation has triggered. 
These are the three winning companies of this IV edition:
Tucuvi is a virtual caregiver, based on artificial intelligence and voice technology, capable of offering continuous home monitoring of the elderly and chronic patients through automatic and personalized phone calls made by our virtual assistant. No new devices, no installations, no apps, no need for Wi-Fi.
Just pick up the phone and start talking.
Project: AI MedAssist 
Has developed AI MedAssist an AI-based physician assistant who diagnoses COVID-19 and predicts the course of each patient, analyzing a chest X-ray and 6 factors from the medical history.
has developed a icloud platform (under construction) where mathematical models are integrated that applying artificial intelligence for the computational evaluation (analysis and prediction) of different physical, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological properties, etc., (ADME, toxicity) makes it possible to reduce costs and times in the design of drugs for diseases.

The three winners will receive from the Madrid City Council a economic endowment of 8,000 euros for each project, in addition to visibility and diffusion in madridemprende.es and on their social networks.

By UnLtd United Kingdom They will receive online training in impact measurement, visibility on their social networks, an interview on their blog and one hour of personalized advice on Impact Measurement for each winner. For that, the winners must have previously worked on their Theory of Change.

By Impact Hub Madrid They will receive flexible memberships in IH Prosperidad's own space, for two people per winner for a duration of about 6 months.

Two other companies have reached the final phase of this award with projects that are attractive, innovative and have a high added value that we invite you to discover. 

Project: happy to eat you 
happy to eat you is an online platform through which businesses dedicated to the hospitality industry or the sale of food products offer items in perfect condition for consumption, publishing them with discounts of at least 40%.

Project: Adopt A Grandpa 
adopt a grandpa is an intergenerational program that cares for lonely elderly people through recurring and controlled visits by young volunteers. The objective is for the elderly to recover their social life and for them to feel listened to, accompanied and loved while the volunteers learn values and experiences.

In his speech begona villacis He has emphasized the importance of projects that generate social impact and their link with innovative and revolutionary projects, as well as the importance of alliances between private companies, entrepreneurs and public companies to become stronger.