Madrid Food Innovation Hub launches its second challenge to citizens: Madrid From the Root

MFIH Challenge
  • Madrid from the Root, seeks to link food production to the city of Madrid in an innovative way and thanks to the use of new technologies
  • Citizens will be able to join this new challenge by contributing their ideas to integrate into the city new production methods and ingredients, logistics solutions and sustainable transport or innovative proposals to bring agriculture and livestock closer to Madrid
  • The selected proposals will have the support of the Madrid Food Innovation Hub team to refine the ideas and present an actionable plan to the jury

From Madrid Food Innovation Hub We launch our second challenge to the citizens of Madrid. With this initiative we want to promote citizen collaboration to seek innovative proposals in the field of the food sector with a clear objective: bring food production closer to the city to innovatively address the demographic and environmental challenges facing the industry on a local and global scale.

According to World Bank data, around 56 % of the world's population currently lives in cities and this trend is expected to continue, as the urban population will more than double by 2050, by which time almost 7 out of 10 people will live in cities. Since more than 80 % of the world's gross domestic product (GDP) is generated in cities, if managed properly, urbanization can contribute to sustainable growth through increased productivity and innovation.

Furthermore, according to estimates compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), by the year 2050 we will need to produce 60% more food to feed a world population of 9.3 billion people.

In response to this challenging context, Madrid Food Innovation Hub joins as a key actor in the search for innovative solutions, proposing a new initiative. Under the name "Madrid from the Root”, this new citizen challenge seeks to bring food production closer to the city of Madrid in an innovative way and thanks to the use of new technologies. 

Interested persons may present their proposals in the following areas: 

  • new production methods and new ingredients within Madrid
  • logistics and sustainable transport
  • agriculture and livestock in the city 
  • Other ideas that provide a creative and innovative approach to these problems

How to participate in the Madrid from the Root challenge

All interested persons may participate by sending their proposal, through the website www.mfih-challenge.comUntil 15 September.

Once the registration period has ended, the best ideas will be selected from among all those received, according to the established criteria, and an advisory session will be held for the development of their idea.