Grants and subsidies

Here you will find information on some of the grants and subsidies that may be of interest.

Aid for self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and social economy entities

  • Aid for the promotion of CSR and work-life balance
  • Aid to workers who are self-employed
  • Extension of the flat rate for freelancers
  • Program for the promotion of collective entrepreneurship
  • Single payment of the contributory benefit
  • Help for the payment of Social Security contributions, after capitalizing the unemployment benefit


More information: Portal of the Community of Madrid

Innovation Check Program of the Community of Madrid

It is about facilitating the access of small and medium-sized companies to technology and innovation, through the direct granting of aid, in the form of subsidies, aimed at SMEs and, with special preference, those belonging to non-traditional sectors. commercial, financial or real estate and whose business model is not based on the generation or development of technological innovations. Thus, it is about promoting the implementation of innovation and the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge by small and medium-sized companies, as an added value and as an instrument for increasing their productivity.

More information in the next link: Innovation Check Program

Dynamic aid and incentive guide

Complete and updated guide to grants and incentives with an open application period

This guide from the General Directorate for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises includes all the aid and incentives for companies, granted and called by the general administration of the State, regional administrations, local administrations and other public bodies.

More information: Dynamic Guides and SME platform

The help portal offers the following services:

Venues for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for a place to develop your business project or activity, the Social Housing Agency of the Community of Madrid makes available to Madrid entrepreneurs, an offer of premises for lease, under very advantageous conditions.

Here you have all the information about the premises for entrepreneurs: characteristics, location, rental advantages…..

Support in the search for financing

In addition to aid and subsidies for SMEs and the self-employed in Madrid, various financial institutions have financing lines for entrepreneurial projects

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